Swimwear Care Instructions


Once you have your beautiful new swimsuit it is important to know the correct way to look after it so you can get the best wear out of it. Below is a basic guideline we recommend for all our swimsuits. Please see swing tag or care tags are sewn into the garment for more ‘item specific’ instructions. Cold hand wash separately after every wear.

· Use a mild detergent.

· Do not wring, soak, rub or bleach

· Drip dry flat in shade

· Do not machine wash, tumble dry or iron

· Do not dry clean

· Do not roll up when wet

· Sunlight may fade certain colours

Sunscreens, oils and fake tan may mark and damage swimwear. Take extra care when using these products and always ensure they are completely dry before coming into contact with your swimsuit. Avoid contact with rough surfaces including sitting, leaning and lying on rough pool edges or furniture that swimsuits may catch on. Whenever possible always put a towel underneath you. Also be careful not to catch swimwear on your jewellery. We recommend you do not wear your best swimsuit in spas or saunas. Strong levels of chemicals and high temperatures are not good for your swimsuit, wear an older swimsuit and save your best for other swimming. To remove trapped sand, gently run fingernail over dried fabric.